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Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday's Freebie!

Although my work day is only half done, I have been so excited to show off one of the latest projects that I've completed, an identity set and print materials for Petal~by~Petal. Above is a small preview, but you can visit her shop or the portfolio page to read and see more. I'm just so pleased with the brilliant green and the beauty of the floral swirls.

Also ... I'm too excited to wait to roll out this week's Friday Freebie - so, without further ado....

This week's freebie is my second free Blogger Skin. It is simple, pure, clean beauty - Bohemienne. Focusing strongly on a white and light pink color palette, your text and images are what really stand out. The background stays put, so the only thing that scrolls is the content itself.

Here's a peek at the skin (it will also be live for at least a few days on the Pixel Boutique Preview page):

This cute little beauty isn't just free, but it has full support for widgets in the sidebar and footer. You can download the skin here. To use, just copy-paste the code into your Blogger layout area. All the images are hosted for you.

Have a "freebie" you'd love to see? I plan on expanding my free offerings to include things like print-at-home stickers and business cards, as well as straight HTML templates. Leave a comment and let me know what you'd like to snag!

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