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Monday, April 20, 2009

ecoSpring and Mondays

Today began as a typical Monday ... emails to answer from some of the great people I'm working with, refresh my memory on where I'm at in which projects, and sipping my coffee as I catch up with the weekend happenings over at EcoEtsy.

Then, it turned into a "typical" Monday, complete with no Internet connection, a male husky who managed to break free twice, and a doctor's appointment. By the time everything was resolved, my work day was long gone and all that was left was that lingering need to create.

So while I will have to sincerely apologize to all the lovely ladies I'm currently working with for no communication today, I do at least have something to show for my first post here at the Pixel Boutique: the release of my first free Blogger Skin. Created in honor of Earth Day, it reflects the heart of nature with a lush green tree, roots swirling prettily down into the body, and a sprinkling of pretty spring flowers and even a little birdie to sing.

Here's a peek at the skin (it will also be live for at least a few days on the Pixel Boutique Preview page):

This cute little beauty isn't just free, but it has full support for "gadgets" in the sidebar and footer. How nifty is that? You can download the skin here. To use, just copy-paste the code into your Blogger layout area. All the images are hosted for you.

While you're thinking about Earth Day, have you considered how you're going to honor the day itself? Take a peek at the cool event the EcoEtsy team is working on, and consider taking part in Green Share.

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  1. This is so beautiful! Thank you for your generosity!

  2. Thanks for the compliment tamdoll :) I hope to be able to offer many more free designs in a variety of categories here.

  3. I was using this template on my blog, and it's disappeared... I'd still love to use it if I could. Please let me know how to fix it if you are able.

  4. Hi! I had the same problem as Melissa... can we recover the lost images somewhere? thanks in advance and congrats on your lovely work!


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