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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Work and Furry Babies

I love a challenge. When I was contacted about creating a custom Etsy Kit for Venetia, I knew that the design she had in mind would be challenging ... and then I saw the hand-drawn logo she wanted to use. Challenge didn't cover it, but it has been faithfully replicated in vector format and ready for finishing off.

Most of my work day was involved in this challenge, but I also had the chance to put together a new look for The Kestlyn Collection which I think turned out great and which Kestlyn loved.

Somewhere in between these designs, continuing work on the mystery peek from yesterday, and trying to keep in touch with everyone I'm working with, I also found time to snap a shot of three of our four furry babies. Just mention husky and everyone wants to see - so I proudly present a quick shot of Mick (husky) and Nikita (carpathian hound), and BonBon the loverboy kitty.

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