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Monday, June 29, 2009

Sweet & Sassy Design Inspiration

Gearing up for what I hope will be a very productive Monday - I've got a couple of Etsy Kits and some custom printed items to focus on wrapping up - I am doing my morning ritual of drinking coffee, browsing shops, and generally dreaming of what the day holds.

So today I'm posting early ... very early, for me, since I don't "officially" start work every day until 9. And I'm sharing the first of my "Designs to Inspire" posts this morning. I hope that it gets your creative wheels turning the way that it does mine!

Sweet & Sassy Accessories -

When looking for designs that inspire me, I always find myself most drawn to concepts that are clean, simple, and usually nature-inspired. It’s just a personal thing that is reflected in my own work.

When I ran across Sweet & Sassy Accessories, I was inspired on a couple of levels.

First, notice that the artist has taken two basic images and used this for all of her display cards. 300+ products, but they’re all beautifully coordinated on the two designs of card. This helps keep her shop and her product line look crisp and professional, and it will save her a lot on printing costs. She gets a look that works best with specific products, without trying to get cards printed for every single possibility.

The reason this pairing of displays works so well is that the one is very simple, minimalistic, and clean. It puts focus on the product by offering no competition. The second design is much more complex, very detailed and rich in color. By using all this as a “border” for the product, emphasis is placed on the product because your eye is naturally drawn to the white space. Absolute perfection.

Finally, the products themselves are graphically inspiring. Sweet soft birds in clean retro lines, little pink flowers pulled into a pair with chic white and pink fabric button centers and partially lined alligator clips, and trios of barrettes slanting across the card.

From the display to the product, the artist behind Sweet & Sassy Accessories has taken the time to make sure her product line stands out – and it does so, inspiringly.

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