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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Reality Check

It has been several weeks since my last post, for which I apologize. I do intend to get my hiney in gear and get things back to normal - but lately, I've been so focused on an overloaded project schedule that I honestly haven't had time.

Which leads into my reality check.

I've had an accountant look over my business plan and review my products, and after an excruciating session (I'm certain I made his head hurt), he crunched down the numbers. Based on all the income and expenses, I've actually been averaging a grandiose total income of -82.57 per week.

Now I'm faced with what is, for me, a truly gut-wrenching situation. On the one hand, I have a 9-yr-old daughter that I want all the best things in life for, and I've a wonderful husband who is currently recovering from injuries he sustained in Afghanistan. On the other hand, I absolutely love my work and I am addicted to creating things of beauty for all my loyal customers - and I refuse to be one of those designers who charge unreasonable sums just because they can.

But something has to change. I've raised the prices of my current product line very slightly (not more than $5) and will be carefully looking at the pricing on the newest products just waiting on my finding the digital camera that has mysteriously disappeared.

In the meantime, I'm going to do what I try to do with everyone who chooses to work with me: namely, to listen.

I am asking you, my customers and friends, for advice. At the end of the day, I must do something to make my business solvent but like everything else I do here, I absolutely continue to put the people I work with first. Please, let me know your thoughts and share any advice you might have on ways I can adjust pricing, enhance the quality of my products, or generally help me as I face this reality check and start going through my business from the roots up to reorganize so that I can continue doing what I love and helping beautify all the fantastic indie and small businesses as I've done for years now.

Please offer your thoughts - via comment or email, I appreciate it so very much.

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