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Friday, May 1, 2009

Fabulous Friday & a Freebie

Is it even possible to not love Fridays? Seriously, there's a peace in Fridays that goes beyond the end of the work week. You can look back over 5 days of progress, and feel some pride in the things you've accomplished.

This week has been a hugely fun one for me, despite some home turmoil involving a irrigation pipe that blew up in a spectacular cascade that geysered to the tops of our willow trees. Two of my favorite print projects have been completed and sent through to printing - business cards and jewelry hangtags for Gleep Art using a sketch Grace submitted, and earring cards for LoveThatJewelry using one of the coolest combinations of elements ever:

I had so much fun with both of these projects, and have a few more that are nearing completion that I'm excited to share, too. To answer the question I've been receiving repeatedly over the last week: I'm currently booked about 1 1/2 weeks straight, so any new design orders would be scheduled to begin after the 8th of May. I welcome your contacts, though!


What's the good in a blog offering freebies and sneak peeks without a few really good sneak peeks? This week's Friday Freebie is a serious sneak peek available only on Pixel Boutique until my newest business start-up package debuts: an indie home site template.

Indie home site templates are designed to offer a "home base" from which you can link to your Etsy (or other) shop, your personal blog, and offer up information about your business, products and services. This template, Envy, contains a very simple-to-use HTML template that allows you to just click-and-type in any web editor, separate CSS stylesheets to keep your code clean and tidy (which search engines love), and "blanks" for the buttons and logo so you can easily edit them using any graphic editor you like.

Envy is completely free to use both commercially and non-commercially, as long as you don't distribute/sell/or remove the "designed by" link in the footer. You can download Envy here, and preview it "live" for the next week or two here.

I sincerely hope you enjoy, and have a lovely lovely weekend!

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  1. Hi,

    I've tried clicking the download link but it seems like it's not working. Is it still available for free download?


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