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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

August Trends for Indie Businesses

Do you ever get to look at the people you work with, the projects you work on, and feel truly blessed? Today was busier than ever - at 10 pm I'm just now stopping the packaging of products that were finished printing today - but I also got to sit back and look at my work and my co-conspirators and think ... I've been blessed.

I'll give a quick sneak peek at the "Coming Soon" page for a woman I'm working with who is truly a wonderful lady, whose products are beautiful, and whose determination is inspiring: Warm and Fuzzy Baby.

As we approach August, we approach a seasonal shift that can mean a lot in terms of how we can best present and sale our products. Thoughts of Autumn start creeping in sometime in August, but this tends to be the hottest month of weather for most of the states. This really is a unique time to capture trends and it allows Indie Businesses to play up the best of summer while preparing for cooler fall temperatures.

Whether your small business is focused on handmade clothing, artistic lines of jewelry, or paper goods, there are some specific trends for you to keep an eye on that will prepare you to make the most of your August sales.

Associated Content just published my article on the topic - there's honestly some information here you don't want to miss. Check out the full August Trends for Indie Businesses article. Leave me a comment there or here to let me know what you think, and what you think should be added to the advice :)

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