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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Inspirational Journal - DIY!

I realize my posts have been very short this week, for which I apologize. I've got my nose to the grindstone trying to pull together all the projects on my project list as well as master the new cutter plotter and getting a series of 30+ new products finalized that wouldn't have been possible without the new cutter. And I'm still dealing with the pain of extracted teeth ... who knew it could be so painful?

But I've got a treat today! A brand-new End-of-Week Inspiration that I actually stayed up past midnight working on for no reason other than it was so much fun. I can already see a series of goodies being spawned from this project that will make it into back-to-school baskets for my daughter and nieces ...

I seriously struggled trying to come up with some great, creative, catchy name for this week’s End of Week Inspiration … but here it is. Not clever, but definitely to the point: The Any Theme Notebook.

The idea behind this notebook is that you can make it become anything. Cut out 12 tabs to create a divider for each month of the year and fill the pages with journal entries or project notes. Divide the tabs into categories like “Beverages”, “Cakes & Cookies”, and “Entrees”, and you have a very cool place to jot down your favorite recipes.

For myself, it came down to the need to have something inspiring to keep my ideas in. Inspiring is the key, because when it’s late at night after a long day of creating beautiful pieces for other people, taking care of two large dogs and two insane cats, a child who is more-or-less sane most days, a loving husband, and everything else a work-at-home mom does … well, it makes it nice to have something honestly inspiring to open up and write in.

I've combined the printable templates and all the instructions into a PDF file that can be downloaded as a PDF here, or in a ZIP here. It's a free download, you don't need an account, it is simply a site that allows me to share files without using up precious space.

When you come up with a cool idea - or figure out a unique theme - please feel free to share it in the comments. I'd love to see what everyone does with the idea, I just think it has so much fun potential. Here's a few sneak peeks of my own finished product, created specifically for keeping crafting, graphic, and product inspirations and resources quick at hand:

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  1. Oh, I totally love little notebooks to capture stray thoughts and ideas. Your "Any Theme Notebook" is great!


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