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Monday, July 6, 2009

Badbird Inspiration

Last Monday I managed to post very early ... this Monday, I'm barely getting it in before midnight. It was a great day - check out the Boutique Preview for a sneak peek.

Badbird’s Art & Embroidery Patterns -

Inspiration?! Totally! We’re talking prints (from greeting cards to frame-ables) that splash gorgeous cool colors across your visual senses with delicious delicacy, and a series of printable embroidery patterns that really had me going.

I’m absolutely in love with the clean lines of everything created in this shop. The lines themselves, in every piece of art and every embroidery pattern, are actually quite bold – they stand out in ways that some art can’t handle. What balances it so perfectly are the color choices, a palette of colors that remains consistent throughout every page on Badbird’s shop.

That consistent color palette thing is something I’ve tried to stress a lot – to more or less success – to any crafter who will listen. If you peek through the pages, you’ll notice that you immediately feel your eyes smoothly sliding from one image to the next. There is no jarring shock because each image in line is so extremely different in format, color, and size.

Consistency like this is the mark of a true professional and inspiring on its own merits.

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