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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Twitter & Website Marketing

So it's Wednesday, and I technically don't show off my week's goodies until the weekly wrap-up ... but this one is just too good! And, really, it could tie into today's topic because having a consistent look from website to blog is really great marketing in and of itself.

Presenting: The Posh Parent, and The PoshPreneur - finally finished the design up for both pieces and oh boy are they too cute! I'm loving it. The owner is a truly fantastic lady, always so much fun to work with, so I'm doubly happy to be showing these off early.

Now ... for the actual Website Know-How :)

I resisted the pull of Twitter for a very long time. I held out long past its “shiny newness” and still had myself convinced that Twitter was of no practical use to me. Then, I realized something important: it’s really hard to figure out what a person is doing when their activities are spread across a number of websites.

Great. So Twitter finally became something that I just might want to use. I felt like I was joining the dark side for digital cookies as I slowly, key-by-key, registered my account.

Now, I’m not the greatest tweeter yet. I’ve still got some serious work to do, like making my page look a bit more unique and actually getting in the habit of tweeting stuff. But I must admit that it has already become a marketing tool that I can see will, eventually, become invaluable to me.

If you’re still resisting the urge to join Twitter, or are completely confused as to what worth it actually offers your business, it basically comes down to this: With a couple of lines, you can keep family, friends, customers, and colleagues up-to-date on anything you’re doing.

How many ways does this come in handy? Countless ways – seriously.

  • In an upcoming post, “Breaking into the Blogosphere”, you’ll see how you can offer your products as pretty little previews on some blogs and immediately tweet about their existence.
  • Any time you launch a new product line, or post a new item or service, go ahead and share it on your Twitter page for some free advertising!
  • Been published or reviewed on another website? Let everyone following you know about it and share the URL.
The real trick is to never come to think of Twitter as a chore or a task taking up space on your already long to-do-list. Incorporate Twitter into your daily habits, and install plug-ins like TwitterBar for Firefox that will help you tweet often and easily.

There is a truly fantastic article that expands on this topic at 50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business.

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