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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Buying a Website

Taking a quick and very late lunch break (an hour from supper, what would that be called? linner? lupper? sunch?), I decided to take a minute to put in my post for the day.

Some serious progress today - sticker sets have been printed, a hang tag and hair bow display set has been printed and assembly is started, and the drafts of designs for several people, including a fantastic lady that does cooking on-set are just waiting approval ... so the only preview I can give just yet is the one above, which is a small glimpse of the striking design to be used on the cook's business cards, thank you cards, and organic teas.

Ohhh that camera better show up before Saturday!

Several weeks ago, I promised to share the link to a full article I’d written for a company I publish with on the subject of buying a website, what’s involved, what it costs, and how to get the very best.

I’m late sharing it, but the article has been posted (all 6 pages of it!):

Seriously, this is a hugely important topic. If you have a business of any sort, you absolutely must have a website. More and more, it’s becoming the standard mark of a “professional”. It’s also absolutely important to know what you can expect before even getting started purchasing your own website. There are, unfortunately, plenty of scammers out there who would love to take your money and run.

Even if you operate from a physical storefront or office location and never sell a single item on the Internet, having a website that offers contact details and your basic list of products and/or services will help locals find you in ways you might never have expected.

Often, what stops people from jumping right in is the uncertainty. What is involved in buying and setting up a website? How much will it all cost, and is there any kind of guarantee? What will I have to do, and what will I have to learn to do it?

As with most things that worry us at first, the answers to the questions aren’t as difficult as they seem. Go ahead and take a few minutes to check out the full guide on what to expect – and what to look for – as you embark on the journey of a business home online.

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