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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Break Into the Blogosphere

If there’s anything better than free advertising, it’s free advertising that comes with a glowing review. The best place to see it in action is on blogs – especially ones run by indie business owners and groups of people who just plain love the indie spirit.

When you find your company or a product that you offer being featured on a blog, something very important happens beyond the whole glowy “yay me!” feeling that you get (which you do, every time). The most important thing that happens is that your work is being viewed by a dedicated audience who trusts the blogger, and the blogger’s opinions on the quality of your work can being in a surge of traffic.

Getting that first placement on a blog is the main thing, and can be the most difficult and scary one. Start out by looking to your colleagues. If you’re a member of any group, see if a group member has a blog and would be willing to feature you. Reach out to blogs that you read avidly, dropping the owner a quick line saying that you’d like to be considered for a feature or review.

And then there’s the do-it-yourself route to getting your foot wedged in the door.

Two sites in particular, and, allow you to create an account and start submitting ideas for featuring. NOTCOT is a fantastic one, with a beautiful look to its layout that really drives a lot of visitors if your ideas are approved. Coolhunting, on the other hand, has a complete section for “Reader Finds” that are picked up automatically from their group feed. The great thing about ThisNext posting (where you actually post the ideas you want to appear on Coolhunting) is that you can easily click a button to share your “find” on your Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace pages as well as send it via email to friends and family.

Take a few minutes to think about where your products would look best on blogs, make sure your photography and wording is first-rate, and start submitting. You can find an Etsy Storque article that expands on this subject, written by Liz and Kegan from, here.

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