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Monday, July 13, 2009

miss chief Inspiration

Today's one of those Mondays that absolutely can't fail to be inspiring. It simply has to be. As a few people I'm working with knows, I went through 2 emergency tooth extractions last week and have been pretty loopy from pain and pain killers most of the week.

So today's one of those big ones where I hope to be able to work through several projects and create something of beauty...

miss chief -

You’ve gotta love this shop right down to its clever name. Specializing in 1” buttons and magnets, scrolling through the shiny little round beauties is an inspiring treat for the eyes.

A buffet of circles, each deliciously embellished with tasty colors and really scrumptious images.

Seriously, there’s not a lot to say but that this is one inspiring little shop simply because of the wide variety of shimmering, tasteful, and floral patterns all displayed in neat little groupings that can keep you staring at the graphics themselves for a good bit.

Just plain nice, if there’s any one specific tip we can take away from miss chief’s shop is that specializing in a small niche group of products can yield huge benefits in keeping a shop looking professional, and reach out to a dedicated audience.

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