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Monday, July 20, 2009

Tweet Heart Art Inspiration

What a Monday. I've more projects lined up than I've ever had before, for which I'm so grateful - especially to all of you who are repeat customers, which just makes me feel wonderful, like I'm really doing something right.

I missed the weekend wrap-up again, but let's look at it this way ... there will be three weeks' goodies to show off this Saturday! And I'm really looking forward to some of the other things I get to share with everyone this week. I hope it's off to a fabulous start for you!

Tweet Heart Wall Art -

Vinyl wall art is just way too cool, on so many levels. I love the fact that it can easily be changed up, but I also absolutely adore that it doesn’t require any toxic paints or materials that will need to be discarded in a very specific manner to have the least environmental impact.

Who thought art could be so eco-friendly?

And on an inspirational level, Tweet Heart Wall Art has it in spades. Her designs are full of clean lines, retro-inspired motifs, and too-cute modern decals like chic chandeliers and sweet silhouettes.

There’s also something to be learned from her shop catalog images. Every single one offers an “in-place” look at her artwork, helping you to visualize how it might actually look inside your own home. This creates an easy-flowing line of products that you can really get into without feeling like you’re dealing with an amateur.

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